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Swimming Victoria offers annual membership from 1 May - 30 April. All swimmers, coaches, committee member and officials must re-register each year in order to have current membership coverage so as not to be placed at risk. Clubs are advised to develop systems to ensure all participants are automatically registered with Swimming Victoria. Jardine Lloyd Thompson is the insurance provider to Swimming Victoria Members. Unregistered swimmers are not permitted to compete in any sanctioned SVI meet. Clubs can visit to obtain their Certificate of Currency. You will need to obatin your SWIMNET ID from and District must apply directly to Swimming Victoria for their Certificates.


  • Membership Benefits Card (Where to Enjoy)
  • In recognition of the contribution you make as a valued member of Swimming Victoria and your club all registered members receive a card and Membership Benefits Booklet.
  • Cards are processed based on ClubsOnline data generated on the 1st of each month. Please make sure your details are up-to-date and accurate in ClubsOnline by clicking here.
  • Cards usually take 2 weeks to be printed and collated from this data, so please allow time for delivery. If you have not received your card and it has been more than a month after you have registered with your club please contact your club directly to confirm your registration date before contacting Swimming Victoria.
  • To access the Where to Enjoy website to view the latest deals and discounts, click here


  • BEFORE you register with the Club you wish to move to, you need to TRANSFER! This applies at ALL times.
  • End Of Season: Records must be released from the old Club to the New Club - this is to avoid duplicate records, which can affect on-line entries and a Swimmer's results on the National Database.
  • During the Season: (Already Paid Membership at another club.) The process is now handled by the Club's involved on-line -there is no form to fill out.
    It is very important that this process is ALWAYS followed.


  • Transfer Instructions:
  1. Let the Old club know that you wish to Transfer to a new club. This will give them Warning to check the system for the transfer and be able to approve it quickly.
  2. Inform the Club you are transferring to, that you are transferring to them, including which Club you are transferring FROM.


  • New Club:
  1. Login to Clubs Online
  2. Select 'Members'
  3. Select 'Network Search'
  4. Search by the members Last name - (First name can be used as well if surname is common)
  5. Find the correct member in the listing
  6. Click the "Request Transfer" icon to request the transfer
  7. Enter your details in case the original club needs to contact you and any necessary comments regarding the transfer.
  8. Select 'Save'
  9. We allow the original club 14 days to respond to the transfer.
  10. If they have not processed it within this time, please send an email to to Warwick Waters - CEO, requesting that Swimming Victoria approve the transfer.
  11. The club will receive an invoice for each Transfer.

Original Club:

  1. ** Pending transfers will appear on your club's Clubs Online home screen when you first login.
  2. Login to Clubs Online.
  3. Scroll down the screen to see if you have any pending requests from other clubs.
  4. You can accept the transfer by clicking the "Approve" icon (Green Tick) or
  5. You can choose to hold the Transfer Request - You can view history and add comments so the New Club can see what is happening.
  6. If you choose to hold the transfer request for more than 14 days, you will need to do so in writing to the Swimming Victoria CEO, Warwick Waters outlining why the transfer request as not been approved. Please send the letter to:

Transfer Process Diagram HERE


SV Membership Fees 2013/14

Membership Status Description 2013/14
Swimmer Any member who competes in organised competition within or outside club (e.g. Interclub, district, state, national competitions) (includes SAL capitation fee of $23.00) $113.80
Non-Swimmer Any member who does not fall into the Swimmer, Recreational Swimmer, Registered Official or Life Member categories e.g. Committee members, parents, coaches, etc. These members do not ‘get wet’. $30.30
Recreational Swimmer Any member participating in Learn to Swim or squad training with an affiliated club but do not compete in organised competition outside the club structure, this is a member that ‘gets wet’. (includes SAL capitation fee of $23) $81.60
SVI Official Any qualified official working at club, district, state or national level. $15.20
Life Member Any active life member of the club who is not registered in any of the above categories.  $15.20
Club Affiliation The fee paid by a club to become a member of Swimming Victoria $178.50

Swimming Victoria has a Duty of Care to advise:

  • Unregistered swimmers may have limited cover under our Personal Accident and Public Liability coverage if they have an accident at a club function or activity.
  • Committee members must be registered members of Swimming Victoria to receive Directors Liability Insurance Cover.
  • Decisions made by unregistered officials/Directors of the club may not be covered by Directors/Clubs Indemnity Insurances and you may be personally liable for any damages claim that may result out of your actions.
  • Clubs have a Duty of Care to ensure that all participants are protected under our Insurance Coverage.
  • Unregistered swimmers are not permitted to compete in any sanctioned SVI meet.
  • Unregistered swimmers may have limited cover under our Personal Accident and Public Liability coverage if they have an accident at a club function or activity.
  • Clubs have a Duty of Care to ensure that all participants are protected under our Insurance Coverage.

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