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Club Inclusion Database

Are you in search of joining an Inclusive Swimming Club? Swimming Victoria has compiled a list of Inclusive Clubs across the State that cater for varying swimmers with disability. Simply click on the link below and filter via district.

2012-2013 Club Inclusion Database

Champion Inclusive Clubs

Swimming Victoria are celebrating achievements of Inclusive Swimming Clubs across the State. We are collecting Club Inclusion Case Studies to promote amongst the swimming community. See below for some great leading Champion Inclusive Clubs who have shared their experiences with Swimming Victoria!

Inclusion Tips

Swimming Australia in conjunction with the Sports CONNECT Network have developed the Inclusion Tips Series. Click below to find out more.

Discovering Disability              Adapting and modifying                                               
Swimmers Coaches
Officials and volunteers Administrators
Parents and carers Communication
Media professionals Communicating with people with a hearing impairment
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Inclusive Communication

Please find some documents and information below around Inclusive Communication.

2013 Go Club Inclusive Club Standard

 CIS 2013

The Inclusive Club Standard is a new exciting and innovative national initiative that provides recognition and encouragement to clubs creating an environment which is inclusive of people with disability. The Inclusive Club Standard serves two purposes; the first is to provide recognition and reward to those clubs who are taking steps to create an inclusive environment in their clubs; the second helps clubs, regions, state associations and Swimming Australia to identify areas of strength and weakness enabling the development of programs to address inclusion of people with disability more effectively.

Participating clubs will receive feedback on results of a simple audit so they can see where they are doing well and where they can improve. Based on their results clubs will receive an Inclusive Club Standard Star Rating ranging from 1 Star for a club that is still Discovering Inclusion through to 5 Stars for a club considered to be a Leader in Inclusion, these clubs will be achieving highly across all areas. Clubs can use their results to promote their club in the community and attract more members with disability.

The Inclusive Club Standard is embedded in the GO Club PB program so clubs can also earn GO Club PB points by completing the Inclusive Club Standard. In addition 10 participating clubs will be randomly selected to receive a cash grant of $500!

 2013 GO Club Inclusive Club Standard Online Workbook - The submission period for this program will open on 7 January 2013

2013 Inclusive Club Standard Info Sheet    2013 Inclusive Club Standard Workbook

GO Club Tools

 Companion Card

Companion Card

The Companion Card is a tool to assist organisations that charge an admission or participation fee to comply with existing anti-discrimination legislation. The card is issued to people with a significant, permanent disability, who require attendant care support to participate at community venues and activities, who have a right to equal participation in the community.

Swimming Victoria Companion Card Guidelines

“All SV Affiliated Swimming Clubs & Districts that deliver events, competitions & activities which involve People with Disability, will strive to abide by Companion Card Guidelines.”

We are encourgaing Clubs to apply to become a Companion Card Affiliate, for the purpose of Club and/or District events. This may require the Club/District to work with your relevant facility. All tendered SV event bids that strive to incorporate venues that comply with Companion Card Guidelines will be looked upon favorably; demonstrating a commitment to access and inclusion.

Swimming Victoria is registered as a Companion Card Affiliate and agrees to:

  • Issue a Companion Ticket, at no charge, to cardholders who require attendant care support from a companion to participate at their event;
  • Display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position and/or in promotional material, where possible;
  • Abide by the Companion Card Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

NB. Under section 42 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (Victoria) and section 8 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth) , it is unlawful to discriminate against a person with disability who requires the assistance of a companion.

For further information on how to obtain a Companion Card, please visit:

Swimming for People with Disability DVD

SWD dvd

Swimming Australia is providing the swimming and disability communities with copies of the Swimming for People with Disability DVD to share with prospective members, community networks, service providers and clients. This free DVD is designed to promote the benefits of swimming and the opportunities to get involved for people with disability. The DVD highlights all of the amazing things that getting involved in mainstream swimming has to offer.

Check out the preview: Swimming for People with Disability DVD       Download the Transcript

Disability Resource: Swimming Against the Current

Anne Green Book








About the Book: Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and sport for people with disabilities. This publication    aims to provide the necessary tools for swimming teachers and coaches to gain better understanding, knowledge and confidence when working with the disabled. After reading the book, you may have more specific ideas to teach people with disabilities how to swim or coach swimmers with disabilities to improve their skills and performances.

Tim Reddish, Executive Director of British Disability Swimming and Chairman of British Paralympic Association has this to say: “In this publication, Anne shares her vast knowledge and experience of swimming for people with disabilities. The principles that are outlined within the publication will provide a sound foundation for all programmes that involve swimmers with disabilities. This publication is a wonderful resource for both teachers and coaches of swimming.”

About the Author: Anne Green has been involved in swimming for over 50 years. This has been in various roles including swimmer, teacher, coach and administrator. She was elected as the Chairperson of IPC Swimming 1992 – 2006. In 2002 Anne was awarded the John K Williams, Jr International Adapted Aquatics Award by the International Swimming Hall of Fame for her service to people with disabilities.

The cost to purchase the manual is $AUD29.95 plus postage and handling. Click here for the order form to purchase the manual. For more ifnormation email:


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