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Training and Development 

Like all careers and qualifications, there is always more to learn and develop when it comes to Officiating! No matter how much experience an Official has, what level they have achieved, or what role they hold, continual learning is the encouraged ethos of all areas of Officiating practice. Swimming Victoria encourages all Technical Officials to undertake as much practical and theoretical learning as they can.  If you have any requests, queries or suggestions regarding Officials Development please don't hesitate to contact Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development Officer, 


CONGRATULATIONS to Damian Van de Berg of the Officials Swimming Club (Cobram). Damian is one of only two successful applicants from Swimming Australia wide for the 2013 National Officiating Scholarship.



SAVE THE DATE! Swimming Victoria Technical Officials Development Seminar

WHEN: Sunday 20 October 2013
WHERE: Training Room, Sports House, Albert Park
TIME: Approx. 10.00am - 4pm (TBC)

The annual Swimming Victoria Technical Officials Development Seminar will be held at Sports House in Albert Park on Sunday 20 October 2013.

Details on the Seminar program and registrations will be released closer to the event.

For further information contact Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development  , 03 9686 5222




Swimming Australia, in conjunction with the State and Territory Swimming Associations, have created a National Technical Official Accreditation Program. This program aims to promote a professional approach to the identification, training and ongoing development of technical officials, for all levels of swimming, conducted by or on behalf of Swimming Australia.

Please CLICK HERE for further information on the National Technical Official Accreditation Program.

The Nationally accredited training programs are delivered by the State and Territory Swimming Associations. For further information on undertaking Technical Official education, please contact Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development 

CLICK HERE to view the Accreditation Program Pathway Flowchart.



Congratulations to the following Officials that have recently gained or updated their accreditation



Swimming Victoria can help you become an official by facilitating training.

The National Technical Official Accreditation Program, conducted by Swimming Australia in conjunction with Swimming Victoria, introduces an individual to the basic competencies required to officiate at Swimming Australia/Swimming Victoria sanctioned events. This accreditation program also provides a clear and defined pathway for Technical Officials to move from officiating at their local club meets to officiating at world class events.
If you are interested in starting your training as an Official, let your club know so they can refer you to training arranged in your District, or request training to be arranged through your District. For any other enquiries or for further information please contact Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development 

If you are interested in becoming a Technical Official but are not currently affiliated with a Swimming Club, Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development or (03) 9686 5222,



The first step to becoming an Official is to complete the free online General Principles course.

In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Swimming Australia is recognising the ASC Online Introductory Level Officiating General Principles course.Start your officiating accreditation by completing the online course and then contact Swimming Victoria, your Club or District to start undertaking specialist units such as timekeeper or recorder.

The free online course is available on the ASC Learning Portal at

CLICK HERE: FREE ASC Online Introductory Level Officiating General Principles Course.

When you have completed the online General Principles Course, please advise the Chief Referee at



In Victoria, District Referee's play a key role in the development of Technical Officials across the State. District Referee's are often the key contact within a District when it comes to arranging workshops and the assessment of Officials in training.

If you are interested in becoming a Technical Official, let your club know so they can request a workshop to be organised through your District, or refer you to a workshop already scheduled.


CURRENT OFFICIALS: Updating of Accreditation (Re-Accreditation)

As part of Swimming Australia's and Swimming Victoria's ongoing commitment to providing a quality National Officiating Program, technical officials are required to undergo a reaccreditation process every four years. This is to ensure that Australia’s reputation for having the best technical officials in the world is upheld. The Re-Accreditation creiteria requires Technical Officials to:

- Maintain a log book showing the required number of update points (points are explained in the Re-Accreditation kit) to maintain the current level of accreditation. This can be in the form of a log book, the template provided in the Re-Accreditation Kit or electronically.

- Abide by the Swimming Australia Behavioural Guidelines

- Maintain a current Victorian Working With Children Check (CLICK HERE to be taken to the Department of Justice website).

Swimming Australia will contact officials that have an accreditation that is due to expire and ask them to complete the 'Reaccreditation Kit' and return it to their state swimming association (Swimming Victoria).

A part of Re-Accreditation is to achieve General Swimming Education points, by attending workshops, seminars or undergoing online training. The Play By The Rules website offers free online training that can be counted as General Swimming Education points. CLICK HERE to access the free training.

Reaccreditation Kit For Technical Officials


CURRENT OFFICIALS: Recognition of Current Competency

RCC Application

Applicants who believe they already possess the adequate competencies to obtain or upgrade their SAL National Technical Official Accreditation, are able to apply to SAL via State/Territory Swimming Associations for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) from prior learning and experience. RCC will be granted when all the stated learning outcomes and performance criteria of the SAL Technical Officials Accreditation Course modules have been met. Other requirements will also need to be met before a SAL National Technical Officials accreditation will be issued.



All accredited technical officials are issued with a National Technical Official Accreditation Card from Swimming Australia. The cards identify the units in which a technical official has achieved competency. Unit abbreviations stated on the card indicate:

CS = Check Starter
S1 = Starter Level One
S2 = Starter Level Two
S3 = Starter Level Three
MAR = Marshal
R1 = Referee Level One
R2 = Referee Level Two
R3 = Referee Level Three
TK = Time Keeper
CTK = Chief Time Keeper
REC = Recorder
IOT = Inspector of Turns
JOS = Judge of Stroke
ANN = Announcer
AOE = Automatic Operating Equipment Operator
FJ = Finish Judge
ROWS = Referee Open Water Swimming
RSWD = Referee Swimming With a Disability

If you have any enquiries regarding your Accreditation Card please contact Catherine Tate, Manager - Member and Community Development (03) 9686 5222



Catherine Tate, Manager Member and Community Development,

Janice Smith OAM, Swimming Victoria Chief Referee,

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